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Our Story

We want to create learning products and activities that create children love, that we can confidently use with our own children.

Kloe and I have been working with children for many years, designing programs and products to help them learn better (fun fact: my mom was a preschool principal).

Together with early childhood educators and experts in child psychology, we delivered unique curriculum from Architecture to Coding, even Space, to over 1,000 children. Both of us have lived and worked in different countries (Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States, just to name a few) and we noticed that gaps for early education prevail everywhere.

Early education is critical for a child's development and growth. Children should learn the way they learn best. We started Out Of The Box at MIT as we believe learning can (and should) take place anywhere, beyond classrooms. Backed by science and research, we hope that one day, Out Of The Box will be the go-to early learning solution for parents, educators and their children (as well as our own children).


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