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What Is Coding, And Why Should Children Learn it?

What is Coding, and why should children learn to code?

Coding, simply put, is the way humans communicate with computers. It is another language that teaches the art of communication. Programmers have earned a reputation in the adult world as a highly paid job, but the benefits of learning to code from young go beyond dollars-and-cents.

When is the right time to start introducing coding?

Children can be exposed to high-level coding concepts from as young as 2 years old, which would greatly help them when they move on to coding platforms. As with languages, early exposure helps children absorb them better later in life. Many of these coding activities also complement important skill sets for them – think task-analysis, math skills, fine motor skills and more.

Benefits of introducing coding concepts:

1. Learning to think logically and problem solve

Coders learn to break difficult problems into smaller steps and tackle each step though reasoning. It requires left-brain thinking – quantitative, objective, and rational skills required. Solutions are found by tackling each problem with logical thinking and solving problems become way easier over time.

2. Confidence-building and Creativity

In coding, there are several ways to attempt an issue and there is not one way to fail, but many ways to succeed. Once mastered, every future task becomes easier and is approached with confidence. It also allows children to bring their artistic ideas to life by developing simple applications, games and more through code.

3. Encourages persistence

Speak to any programmer, or developer, and they will tell you that they spend A LOT of time debugging code. Coding requires patience, picking yourself up after failing, and iterative practice. This teaches children to look out for problems and solutions, and that success follows hard work. In a world where children are more exposed to ideas of instant gratification, this is exceptionally important.

Age appropriate: We do not recommend throwing your child (and you) into the deep abyss of coding on computer screens straight away, but start with unplugged coding activities to have some fun, and get familiarized to some concepts out there. We promise it’s fun, and not as complex and daunting as it sounds!


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